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Italian Fund for Energy Efficiency SGR SpA was born on March 3, 2014, as part of an investment strategy aimed at setting up the first Italian closed-and equity fund, reserved for professional investors, focused on the energy transition for the national territory and the European economic area.

EE SGR S.p.A., authorized by the Bank of Italy for the exercise of investment services on 7 December 2015, is registered under no. 140 of the Register of Asset Management Companies, AIF managers section. The Company operates as a sub-threshold asset management company pursuant to art. 35-undecies of the TUF.

FIEE SGR represents a successful experience gained thanks to profitable investments in real economy, specifically in the efficient and sustainable use of energy, aimed at contributing to the energy transition: energy efficiency, generation from renewables, electrification, integration , energy communities, …

The experience gained also with the support of investors is highly appreciated not only for the positive economic returns, but also for the anti-cyclical and resilient nature to violent exogenous events such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic.

In the very complicated macroeconomic context in which we operate, the energy transition plays an even more important role than it ever had before.


The team of professionals promoting the initiative has gained important financial and industrial skills in the field of energy in recent decades. In particular, the team has:

  • gained over 100 years of experience in energy (including the sectors of energy efficiency and generation from renewable sources), infrastructure and managed savings;
  • consolidated a track record in identifying, structuring and executing energy efficiency projects, also with entrepreneurial experiences;
  • committed a financial effort in the initiative of € 9 million, of which € 1 million for an adequate capitalization of the SGR and € 8 million invested in the two Funds promoted and managed by the SGR.

Corporate Structure

Fulvio Conti

Former CEO of Enel, from 2005 to 2014 he led its international expansion, which ended with the acquisition of Endesa. He also has been General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of Exxon Mobil, Telecom and Ferrovie dello Stato. Member of the boards of directors of Aon and the Italian Institute of Technology and former director of RCS Mediagroup and Barclays, as well as Vice President of Confindustria. Cavaliere del Lavoro of the Italian Republic and Officier de la Légion d’Honneur of the French Republic.

Raffaele Mellone

Founding partner and CEO of Lucos Alternative Energies, one of the first energy service companies (ESCo) to profitably invest in energy efficiency in Italy. Former Managing Director of Merrill Lynch for Energy, he holds an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Andrea Marano

Founding partner and CEO of Lucos Alternative Energies. Executive of Enel Green Power, he has managed investments in renewable energy for a total of over 300 million euros. In the past he was also a manager of Capital Group Companies (over € 1,000 billion under management). He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and the CFA® Diploma.

Lamse S.p.A.

Investment holding company founded by Andrea Agnelli and his sister Anna. Shareholder of the SGR since 2014, it is represented on the Board of Directors by the Investment Manager Andrea Longatti.

  • Lamse S.p.A. was a strategic investor in Lucos Alternative Energies, one of the first ESCos to profitably invest in energy efficiency in Italy. Seed investor of Katarsis Capital Advisors, advisory company of the Eskatos SIF fund, one of the first European funds dedicated to the insurance linked securities sector and other managed savings initiatives.

Andrea Longatti is Investment Manager of Lamse S.p.A. Formerly a director of Lucos Alternative Energies, he has gained many years of experience in the sector of energy efficiency. On behalf of Lamse, he participated in the launch of Katarsis Capital Advisors and other asset management initiatives. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Nobis Compagnia di Assicurazioni S.p.A.

Maurizio Cereda

Former Deputy General Manager and Director of Mediobanca, where, in over 20 years, he has held various positions, including head of the Equity Capital Markets, Corporate Finance and Coverage Large Corporate area, handling some of the three most important privatization transactions in Italy (Enel, Finmeccanica, etc.). He is a member of the boards of directors of Prada, Technogym and Enervit.

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