Privacy Policy

The processing of personal data is treated according to this Privacy Policy which the user shall refer to.

The Legislative Decree 196/2003 (hereinafter “Privacy Code”) orders a number of rules in order to guarantee that the treatment of personal data is managed in accordance with rights, civil liberties and physical dignity, with particular reference to privacy and personal identity.

This Privacy Policy shows and describes the way to collect, register and personal data of the user who uses this Website and/or provides its own personal data.

This policy is supplied in accordance with art. 13 of the Privacy Code regarding to data provided from the users which will be treated in order to allow to make use of informative and commercial services provided by FIEE through its Website.

Web data

It concerns web data which the data processing systems obtain automatically during Website use, such as IP address, URI addresses (Uniform Resource Identifier), the method used to submit requests to the Website server which make impossible the browsing. Moreover, this data is used to obtain anonymous statistical information on the Website and to check its correct functioning. Web data could be used to ascertain responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the Website.

Further information in accordance with the Privacy Code

  1. Information of personal data is provided only for FIEE’s Website and not for other sites accessed via links.
  2. The user could intentionally provide its own personal data which will be treated and used by FIEE in order to supply informative and commercial services through its Website.
  3. The user personal data provision is optional but if not duly provided, FIEE could not supply the planned services.
  4. The communication of data shall be linked to the consent for the personal data processing in accordance with the Privacy Code. Data without such consent will be deleted, if sent online, or destroyed if sent by paper format. Personal data provision is intentional. In case processed data will not be of FIEE interest, FIEE reserves the right to delete or destroy them, at your discretion.
  5. User’s personal data shall be forwarded to the persons in charge named by FIEE who are in charge of relationship with users and they shall be communicated to subsidiary and/or linked companies and/or part of the same FIEE group, and also to people, companies or professional firms which give assistance or consultancy to FIEE for the purposes showed in the certain disclosure and the same data will not be used by FIEE for other different aims.
  6. User’s personal data are managed with automatic instruments for the time necessary to reach the aims for what they are collected for.
  7. User’s personal data are managed in compliance with security measures forced by the Privacy Code in order to prevent data loss, illegal or not allowed use, that is the no authorized access.
  8. Regarding to personal data, the user has the right in accordance with art. 7 of the abovementioned Privacy Code and, in particular, the right to access to its own personal data, to ask the correction, the update and the delete if they are incomplete, wrong or collected in breach of the law, as well as the opposition to the treatment due to legal reasons.
  9. If FIEE shall decide to modify this Privacy Policy, the abovementioned variations will be published on the Website in order to let the user accesses to the update version of the policy.
  10. The owner of the treatment is FIEE in the person of the CEO, to whom the user could refer to for asserting its rights sending a notification to the following email address:

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