According to Art. 17 and 30, paragraph 1 of the Act of Banca d’Italia/Consob dated 29 October 2007, the SGR applies an eligible procedure in order to ensure the prompt management of complaints from customers. In particular, in accordance with the abovementioned procedure, the SGR, once received the complaint from its own customers, will promptly forward a copy of it to the competent Department which shall quickly analyse it in order to communicate in written to the investor the ending result of the complaint, including the SGR’s decisions. Therefore, the Compliance Department is in charge to take note in the certain record about the relevant information regarding the complaint (fundamental factors and measures implemented for the resolution of the problems raised from customers). Possible complaints should be sent to SGR through registered letter, or by fax or by email to the Compliance Department at FIEE SGR S.p.A. – Via Saverio Mercadante 9 – 00198 Roma – Fax +39.06.91658199 – email: segreteria@fieesgr.com.

Fondo Italiano per l’Efficienza Energetica SGR S.p.A. (FIEE SGR) is member of the Arbitro per le Controversie Finanziarie (ACF), that is the system of extrajudicial dissolution of disputes regarding the financial subject between intermediaries and investors different from the specialized counterparties referred to in art. 6 paragraph 2 – quarter, letter d), and from professional customers referred to in subsequent paragraphs 2 – quinquies and 2 – sexies, of TUF, governed by Consob. It is to be clarify that the right to appeal to the abovementioned Judge does not represent surrender by the investor and it is always applicable, even in presence of devolution clauses of disputes to other extrajudicial dissolution systems written in the agreements. For further information you can refer to the website of the Consob Surveillance Authority: https://www.acf.consob.it

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