Corporate bodies

Board of Directors

Board of Statutory Auditors

President: Giuseppe Ascoli
Actual auditors: Silvia Lirici
Guido Zavadini
Alternate auditors: Michele Farina
Giorgia Carrarese

The audit firm of FIEE Sgr and the FIEE Fund is EY Spa.

Control functions

The control functions that report to the Board of Directors are:

Asset Evaluation Function
The Head of the Asset Valuation Function is Dr. Davide Andreazza of Quantyx Advisors; this function is in charge of evaluating the assets of the Funds in compliance with the reference regulatory framework.

Risk management
It deals with the definition of policies and methodologies aimed at measuring and controlling risks, defining guidelines, policies and opinions on the investment projects of the Fund; this activity is entrusted to Quantyx SIM.

The Head of the Compliance Function is Dr. Francesca Aimone of the Aimone & Moschini Firm; this function is responsible for the correct application and compliance with the reference regulatory framework.

Anti-money laundering
The Head of the Function is Dr. Giorgio Catallozzi, Independent Director, with the support of Dr. Francesca Aimone.

Supervisory body
It is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the Organizational Risk Management and Control Model (OMM) pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001; it is a collegial body composed of the lawyer Laura Cappiello of the Orrick firm and by the lawyer Cristiano Fava from the Ontier – Pardo Vicenzi studio.

Internal Audit
It is responsible for assessing the completeness, adequacy and reliability of the organizational structure and other components of the control system, as well as verifying the regular performance of operations; this function is entrusted in an outsourcing regime to Protiviti Srl, whose contact person is Dr. Luca Medizza.

Code of Ethics and Model 231/2001
The Company also has a Code of Ethics e di un Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 (containing the “Discipline of the administrative liability of legal persons, companies and associations, even without legal personality”).

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