Cold Chain Capital Holdings Europe S.p.A.

Business: HVACR

Investment date: September 2020


Ownership: 39,90%

Status: invested

Board members: 2  

Cold Chain Capital Holdings Europe S.p.A. (“CCC”) is an Italian holding company founded in 2019 with the aim of building a leading player in innovative HVACR technologies in Europe, through the acquisition, integration or development of medium and small players in the sector. To date, CCC has already completed the acquisition of 4 companies: Roen EST S.p.A., Enex S.r.l., Arctic SA, the Kobol business, Samifi SAS, Morgana and EMICON S.p.A.

IEEF II invested € 35.8 million, targeting an investment of up to € 40 million, exclusively through capital increases.

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