Investment Policy

The Investment Team pursues a strategy aimed at holding a diversified portfolio of equity investments in order to maximize the returns on invested capital.

The Team works to identify opportunities which:

  • are diversified and sizeable at the same time;
  • can unlock their full potential in 5-8 years, consistently with the funds’ duration;
  • are exposed to creditworthy and reputable ultimate customers;
  • provide double-digit returns, which are in line with the funds’ target IRR.

Current potential investments being analyzed exceed € 200 million and focus on the following segments, with the aim of contributing to the development of platforms for the energy transition.

  • Energy efficiency (public and private lighting, co-generation and tri-generation, energy efficiency in companies’ production processes, energy service in buildings, HVACR equipment and systems, district heating and remote cooling systems, etc.).
  • Power generation from renewable sources (wind, solar photovoltaic, bio-methane, etc.).
  • Other innovative infrastructure related to energy transition (energy storage systems, hydrogen, transport electrification, energy communities, systems integration, connectivity, smart cities, etc.).



Investee companies



€ 270mln


€ 72mln


402.103 MWh

Generation from renewable sources

300.923 tCO2

CO2 emissions avoided

293.444 MWh

Energy saved

2020 data, PLT Energia investee of both funds.

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