Sector: Public Lighting

Investment date: April 2018

Disinvestment Date: May 2023

Fund: Fund I

Ownership: 62.88%

Status: Divested

Board member: 2


The company is the leading public lighting operator in the sector in Southern Italy, operates 85,000 lighting points in 55 cities, and intends to reach a portfolio of 150,000 lighting points with the initiatives already launched.

Fund I invested EUR 24.5 million, acquiring shares from existing shareholders and subscribing capital increases and a convertible bond.

In December 2022, Selettra S.p.A. finalised the sale of 100% of Selettra Pubblica Illuminazione S.r.l. to PATRIZIA Infrastructure Ltd.

Selettra Pubblica Illuminazione was the Public Lighting division of Selettra S.p.A. and was sold at an Enterprise Value of EUR 92 million.

In May 2023, Fund I completed the sale of the stake to PATRIZIA Infrastructure Ltd, generating a high return.

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