Fondo Italiano per l’Efficienza Energetica SGR S.p.A.

Fondo Italiano per l’Efficienza Energetica SGR S.p.A.
FIEE SGR is a native ESG compliant Private Equity fund, dedicated to establishing and managing alternative investment funds (AIFs) that invest in energy transition projects (energy efficiency, renewables, electrification, energy communities, …) with appealing returns and low volatility.

One of the main European funds highly focused on energy transition

Main Italian private player in public lighting: over 700,000 lighting points in 175 cities

Main national player in buildings energy efficiency: 3,000 managed condominiums, major player in HVAC technologies

Relevant player in renewable sources: over 250MW in operation

First mover in energy storage (hydrogen-to-power and Energy Communities)

Market & Investment strategy

Large and growing market: € 145 billion by 2030

Market-oriented sectors, not dependent on public subsidies

Achievable proven investment strategy:

  • € 140 million already fully invested by the first FIEE I fund (“Italian Fund for Energy Efficiency”), investment period completed
  • € 70 million already invested by the second IEEF II fund (“Italian Energy Efficiency Fund II”)
  • € 200 million of investment opportunities in pipeline

Funds & Investors


  • First closing: 2016
  • Asset under management: € 166 million, already fully raised
  • Investments: € 140 million, finalized in advance of the end of the investment period
  • Term of the fund: 2028


  • First closing: 2020
  • Asset under management target: € 175 – 200 million
  • Fundraising at december 2020: € 150 million (over 90% from FIEE I investors)
  • Investments: € 70 million, already finalized
  • Term of the fund: 2032


  • Public and private financial institutions, funds of funds, distribution platforms

European Investment Bank committed € 25 million on FIEE I and € 40 million on IEEF II.

Appealing returns & Low risk profile

Investments with stable and predictable cash flow generation

Funds with appealing returns and low volatility

  • FIEE I shows a positive J-Curve and periodic distributions
  • IEEF II confirms the same risk return profile

Team & Track record

Highly qualified team with proven expertise in the energy and finance sector

Partners and Key Managers also with entrepreneurial experience

Partners and Managers also investors in the managed Funds


A native ESG compliant private equity platform focused on energy transition


Investee companies

750 +


€ 270mln


€ 72mln


2020 data, PLT Energia investee of both funds.

We are the ideal private equity platform for investing in the energy transition: high-level relationship system, experience and strategic vision and a consolidated track record.

Our investors: public and private financial institutions, funds of funds, distribution platforms.

402.103 MWh

Generation from renewable sources

300.923 tCO2

CO2 emissions avoided

293.444 MWh

Energy saved

2020 data, PLT Energia investee of both funds.


Why FIEE Sgr?

Our Team



  • Team with over 10 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the energy market.
  • We are highly qualified: or directors have an average of 26 years of experience in the energy market and in finance.
  • We have a 12 people Team fully dedicated to Investment & Finance.



Via Saverio Mercadante 9
00198 Roma

t. +39 06 916581

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